What is Y. O. P. F. ?

"Yoga Of Peace and Friendship" addresses a basic need of our tension-fraught time. The concept is easy to understand and simple to practice.

It is based on the understanding that every thought is a vibration or a wave that can spread everywhere and which has the potential to materialize itself. Atomic physics has taught us that even the most subtle energies carry great power within themselves. It may be that a single thought impulse can’t make much of a difference, but many thoughts with the same content can, together, can bring about amazing changes in our world.

yopf tower 300Many people in different parts of the world are already participating in Y.O.P.F.. To do this, nothing more is needed than to set aside one minute at a particular time every day to think of "Peace, Friendship and Prosperity for all Mankind".

The nucleus and collecting point  for these thought energies is Atmasantulana Village, a spiritual centre in India inspired and guided by Ayurvedic doctor and spiritual teacher Shri Balaji També. It is here that the incoming thought waves are collected, concentrated and sent out into the world again as focused positive energy.

Anyone can participate, irrespective of age, religious persuasion or political leanings and in this way make his or her own personal contribution to peace in our world. In addition, this technique has proven to be useful for all who participate since, as with auto-suggestion – autogenesis training for example-  it has been shown that positive thinking has the power to reinforce each person’s health-bringing energies.

We recommend that you sign the Y.O.P.F participation form. Your personal signature will send the necessary signals to the brain, thereby createing an independent commitment that will help to develop a routine of positive action and self-discipline.

What exactly must one do to participate in  Y.O.P.F.?

Please sign the enclosed registration form and send it to the below address from where it will be forwarded to the centre in India. The registration form can be downloaded here:

Registration form


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Pfingstseminar 2024
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Forschungsprojekt zum SOM Programm
Das am 07.02.2024 angekündigte deutsch-indische Projekt untersucht, ob die subjektiv festgestellten positiven Wirkungen des Ausübens von SOM auch in Form von objektiven und messbaren Daten ausgedrückt werden können.
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Santulan OM Medtation
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